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2% of all BUFF profits go to Marine Conservation - See why we are so passionate about it and what you can do to help.

BUFF NATURAL BODY CARE ….What’s your story?

We are a small group of passionate pioneers, dreamers and alchemists who believe in luxury body care that also cherishes our natural world.

BUFF imagines and creates products which are rich in the purest plant oils and minerals and have wellness benefits for both mind and body. 

The transformative powers of fragrant essential oils are carefully combined to create blends which renew, restore, revive and heal our spirits and skin.

Being eco conscious is close to our hearts and we are delighted to give 2% of every sale to the Marine Conservation Society. In addition each and every product is packaged in our signature recyclable amber glass and sent to you in recycled packaging.

Inspired by the mineral rich, crystal clear waters of the local coast, we are proud to launch our first multi use product.. a beautiful salt scrub ritual.

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MAMA sea salt body scrub review.

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Lisa Wood reviewed Buff Natural Body Care Facebook 5 star - 3 June

The care and thought that has gone into this product , 'Buff nuit' has just been spread all over my skin for the second time today, couldn't resist the aroma and feeling of nourished velvety skin, what a superb body scrub, so perfect in balance of oils and exfoliating qualities. Nothing like I've used before, it felt so natural, real, and indulgent. I love the way you can smell each oil, I do like the unique smell of ginger on my skin. I want a selection, one for each mood of the day or evening.

Joanna Wilson reviewed Buff Natural Body Care Facebook 5 star - 17 April

Lovely product - it's hard to find genuinely unisex bathroom products, but the gorgeous scent of the morning 'up' blend is a great for men and women. The packaging is also really stylish and I like that it's all reusable. Definitely helped me feel more awake in the early morning (not my favourite time!) and left my skin lovely and soft, and the bathroom smelling great too!

Phillipa Hughes reviewed Buff Natural Body Care Facebook 5 star - 11 May

This is such a cool product. Being an eczema sufferer my whole life I have tried millions of scrubs, and finally settled on one that wasn't moisturising but was gentle and thorough.However it still stripped my skin a bit. I tried this scrub for the first time in a really hot bath but found the salt melted too quickly, but the nourishing effect and smell was fab. So the next time I lightly dried my skin after a shower, then applied and then showered it off and dabbed dry and it was just brilliant. It was rejuvenated, and I can honestly say I've never used that word to describe a scrub in my life! So then I tried it on my 7 year old who has mild dermatitis, so her skin turns over faster so can get quite bumpy, blotchy and dry. So anyway it made her skin tone much more even, less blotchy and really smooth and moisturised. So to summarise, fab and interesting smells and a scrub that delivers more than it says on the tin. Hide from the other half. x

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